Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Right Angle Weave My journey into bead weaving

Right Angle Weave (or RAW) is a wonderful weave. It's name describes it - all the beads are at right angles to each other. There are 2 methods - single needle and double needle. RAW goes fairly quickly once you get the hang of it. If you've ever made a beaded daisy chain you should have little problem adapting. One warning, however, it is addictive!! RAW adapts to many shapes and is a soft weave, feeling almost like fabric in it's flexibility.

I found a simply explained pattern for Right Angle weave in the book Beadwork Creates Jewelry : 40 Beaded Designs by Jean Campbell (review to come soon) that i borrowed from the library. It was a pair of beaded earrings called Watermelon Balls and it is just delicate and lovely.

Having a ton of 4mm Swarovski crystals, i decided to try it out. I finally had purchased Clear monofilament thread as well. So to work i went. After two hours i had two sets of earrings. It would have been sooner but i lost a bead and had to search forever for it.

My result was this:

Delicate cluster earrings that just sparkle. I wish it was sunny today so I could have taken pictures outside to capture all the sparkle. They are just amazing. There is another project ..a cuff bracelet i an aiming to create that i found in a Bead & Button magazine that i so want to make and it's all right angel weave! So can't wait to try it out.

here is a video from Jewelrysupply.com that explains the Two needle method of right angle weave. which is what i used.

How to Do a Double Needle Right Angle Weave - Beading - Click here for more home videos

This is so exciting and i am so happy to expand my skills and learn new techniques. I hope you are inspired to try something new and look for jewelry books at your local library and take up a new skill or learn a new technique.


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